Since the beginning of Anatomy of Everything I saw great potential for what this concept could become. I get nauseous thinking about all of the creative directions this project can go (my other side project is perfecting cloning so I can pursue each of these directions).

Here at the starting line of AofE it is a very difficult process to decide what object to illustrate! I want to cover an impossible amount of ground, not only to be inclusive of all varieties of people, but because I'm a self-proclaimed Generalist and come from a long lineage of Generalists. I am an artist, athlete, musician, outdoorsman, and tinkerer. In my family we don't buy new things, we fix them, patch them, or build them ourselves. I have come to love cooking, working on my car, coding small portions of this very website, brewing beer, camp, building bikes, of course all things art, and so much more. On my list to illustrate I have things like bugs, birds, tractors, cars, motorcycle engines, electric guitars, drum kits, gardening tools, kitchen utensils, hand tools, power tools, football offensive line (because who really knows what/where each position is?!), computer motherboard, even math equations and literature.

My generalist ways have allowed me to gain an incredible appreciation for so many things and that is what I hope to share with all of you. I want to dig into the details of EVERYTHING, learn how they work, what the parts are called, and report back to you.

In preparation for the launch of this website I was doing the illustration of the human heart and came to realize how intricate and detailed the human heart is. So much so that I began to have a bit of anxiety over the fact that every little part of this muscle needs to work together to keep me alive and it needs to do so every second of every day. Not only did I develop a greater appreciation for the human heart but the fact that my beating heart is no different than any other. It's not better, it's not any faster, not any slower, not any tougher, or weaker. For all intents and purposes it's the same as every human on the planet. I understand that there are exceptions; heart disorders and complications, but we are all human beings and all of our hearts are the same.

This art project has helped me to find dignity in the details of every day objects and beings as well as helped me find a common ground to love and respect every human I encounter.

Stay tuned for what's next.